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Calculating with CRACK; A german program to practice arithmetics for kids and adults

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This program is very simple but powerful. It just provides arithmetic tasks to be solved. These tasks begin very simple. The better you are the harder the tasks will be.

If you are good, you can reach the Worldwide Highscore, accompanied by the worlds best.

It's so easy

After you have started the system, click the left mouse button and you get the main menu. It's in german, but easy to understand and you can just try it out. The most easiest way to come staight to the game is to press the RETURN-button repeatedly. When the program asks for your name, enter it and continue with RETURN

How to join the Worlds Best

You can reach the Worldwide Highscore by sending the highscore file CRACK.SC to This file is located in the directory where you have downloaded and extracted the content of the CRACK.ZIP file.

Some useful hints

What else?

This program will never change. Development was completed in 1996. Its by far not perfect and especially for the kids the operation could have been made much nicer. Nevertheless many kids and adults had already a lot of fun with it. Give it a try. I am looking forward to receiving your feedback


Johannes Lichtenfels

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